Accepting LD/ADHD Challenges Through Art

Linda Hurd, an illustrator who had come to our group on a number of occasions in the past, payed a recent visit to the Thursday group. Linda shared her artwork and her stories with the group members. Linda deals with the challenges presented by learning disabilities and ADHD in her household on a daily basis. Linda found a way of transforming her frustration into something meaningful and beautiful through her artwork. She recalls that she started by painting piles of laundry in her house that used to frustrate her and discovering that there is beauty in them. Linda states that for her doing art is about acceptance and honoring rather than criticizing. Linda presented 3 series of 12 pictures each to the group.

Series #1: ADHD Challenges
Linda started this series when her sons were diagnosed with ADHD. She wanted to understand and learn more about it. Linda presented a series of pictures that through image and text illustrate various challenges associated with ADHD, such as difficulty following through, difficulty maintaining structure, indecision, making mistakes, difficulty keeping things simple, difficulty expressing emotions and communicating, difficulty seeing a big picture. 

Series #2: Wired

Linda started painting telephone poles to reflect on the idea that ADHD brain is “wired” differently. According to Linda, “fighting” the difference does not work. Instead, you need to learn how to accept it and work with it. Linda reminds us that “everyone is wired differently” and deserves respect. 
Series #3: Boundaries
Personal boundaries can be a difficult concept. Through a series of paintings, Linda reflected on an important role boundaries play in our lives. Boundaries show what is mine and what is not. They protect and have a useful function even if they look unfriendly. Linda reminded the group that boundaries need maintenance and repair. Boundaries are not static and not fully enclosed; they have doors – designated ways for going in and out. It is important to respect boundaries – when they are violated, it takes time and patience to heal.

To read about previous visit of Linda to the group, go to

To see Linda’s inspiring work, go to:

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