Schedule April-June 2019

April 2

Organizational Skills: Setting Mid-Term Goals

Setting 3-month goals; overview of the new cycle

April 9

Self-Care Skills: Benefits of Exercise for Managing LD/ADHD

Guest Speaker: Frederic Myerson, professional trainer

April 16

Planning and Prioritization Skills: Picking Up the Task in the Moment

Presentation by L., group member

April 23

Job Search Skills: CBT for Managing Job Search Stress

Presentation by group facilitator; group discussion

April 30

Self-Regulation Skills: Harnessing Power of LD/ADHD for Success

Guest Speaker: MM, Educator & Psychotherapist

May 7

Job Search Skills: Aligning Values with Career and Life Choices

Group activity; group discussion

May 14

Job Search Skills: Dealing with Disappointment and Rejection

Group discussion on dealing with disappointment and rejection related to job search

May 21

Job Search Skills: Reading Job Description for Cover Letter Writing

Guest Speaker: Karen Moore, Employment Services Director, Psych Rehab Division, Vinfen

May 28

Self-Awareness Skills: ADHD/LD and Creativity

Guest Speaker: Linda Hurd, artist

June 4

Self-Regulation Skills: Combating Procrastination with Productivity Plan

Group discussion

June 11

Self-Regulation Skills: Taking Advantage of LD/ADHD

Guest Speaker: MWM, Psychotherapist

June 18

Self-Regulation Skills: Following Directions

Group activity; group discussion

June 2

Wrapping Up, end of the cycle

Review of the 3-month goals, brainstorming ideas for the next cycle

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